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February 2012

Windows Keyboard Short Cuts

Microsoft Shortcuts Nothing makes you look like you know what you are doing on a computer more than simply never touching the mouse.  You can navigate your entire computer much…

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Sony 6inch eReader eReaders are huge.  And they are getting even more popular.  I have 2,000 titles in my digital library which takes up zero shelf space in my two…

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Virus Scanners

Microsoft’s Security Essentials Norton Anti-virus used to be the best, back in 1998.  Since then they have gone the “bloat ware route,” just like Adobe Acrobat, and Suns Java –…

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What is a “Man’s Cold”

Ryan, what is the “Man’s Cold?” Well, not to take away from the still un-curable “common cold” or “women’s edition cold,” the “Man’s cold” is nearly a different animal –…

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