Cloud email

Microsoft 365 and Google Apps sellers, we love getting email to the cloud.


We are all about data protection – ask us how we keep you secure.

Apple support

We love Apple and PC’s (Microsoft) and we use and service them both.


We manage large networks – we will know of your problems before you do.


… and Android too!


Happy employees is great for the bottom line – we elevate Worklife!

There are so many decisions to be made with your Technology these days: Managed updates, antivirus, maleware, adblocking, websites, payment systems, data, security, communication, devices, workflow, and much more!  Kedsey is here to help.  We do this for lots of companies in a wide variety of industries – and we can help you.

Kedsey is a growing IT consulting firm specializing in technical support for small and medium sized companies located in the heart of the Vancouver business district. We are focused on capturing the opportunity presented by professional firms looking to outsource their IT for superior quality at an unbeatable cost.
We have decades of experience in technology management and are passionate about taking technology headaches out of people’s jobs to maximize productivity and satisfaction!

Computer & Network Consulting

  • Network Consulting and Planning
  • Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Server and PC Consulting
  • Network Security Consulting

Computer Repair & Maintenance

  • Server and PC Maintenance
  • Network Upgrades and Installation
  • PC and Laptop Support and Repair
  • Antispam, Antivirus, and Antispyware
  • Easy to Work With: Friendly, Available, Knowledgeable, Professional, Systematic, Accountable. At Corporate Computer Services we call it Easy to Work With.

Are you struggling with inconsistent, “break-fix” computer service from independent computer technicians or the person in your office who is “good with computers?” Now there is an alternative for network consulting, IT project planning, computer maintenance and computer service in the Vancouver area.
Kedsey excels at computer troubleshooting issues, reducing your overall computer down-time, support costs, hassle and worry, while increasing your efficiency, communication, productivity, and employee job satisfaction. Please view our Services page for details about our computer support services.

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Some tech to buy, and things to know.


A Phishing Attempt is an email that is spammed out which tries to trick recipients into clicking a fake link, then typing their passwords into a fake form, which delivers user names and passwords to hackers. Below is an example of a fake PayPal email saying my account is not limited, advising me to give…

Samsung Galaxy

Our office is 70% iPhone, but I, Ryan, am very bullish on Samsung – especially after the new Android OS 5.1 (Lollipop) came out in November. And this month I bought the newest Samsung flag ship: The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus. It is a terrific phone, great shape, screen, weight, quality and speed. I…


We take coffee pretty seriously around here – and I have personally tried a bunch of different devices, and I think I have finally found the one I like the best – and it is cheap, environmentally friendly, and the most tasty! My requirements list is simple, but I am going to put it here,…

5 year warranty

We here at Kedsey do not sell hardware, but we do love to recommend good hardware.  I love this commercial from Verizon: “Built to last … for 3 weeks.  When things aren’t built well, you find out sooner or later” We don’t exactly recommend Verizon, but I do recommend that commercial. One thing we do…

We do websites too ...


WordPress sites require management too, and we like to help …